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Power Trains for EV's

The Rotodrive Drive Train is ideally suited for harsh operation conditions and high temperature fluctuations. These drive trains offer higher reliability and superior performance which results in a higher return on investment.

The Drive trains are available in single speed and dual speed variants. The package includes a BLDC motor, Gearbox, Controller and Differential.


  • E-mobility
  • Amusement & Liesure Parks
  • Medical Care
  • Material Handling, Construction and Logistics
  • Airport Ground Support Equipment
  • Cleaning, Floorcare and Maintenance
  • Agriculture and Farming
Brushless DCMotors
Rated Power Range 1.0/1.2 KW
Voltage 48 VDC
Rated torque 3.5/4.0 Nm
Starting Torque 21 / 24 Nm
Rated speed 3000 RPM
Rated efficiency ≥ 78%/80%
Protection IP54 (Splash proof)
1 Speed Ratio 1:10
2 Speed Ratio 1.21 and 1.8
Operating Voltage 48 VDC
Efficiency ≥ 90%
No. of Mosfets 24
Ambient Temperature -20 Deg. C to +50 Deg. C
Protection IP54 (Splash Proof)
Length 790/840/890 mm
Brake Type Drum Brake