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About Rotomotive Powerdrives

Our modern manufacturing plant has advanced machinery for automatic winding, trickle and vacuum pressure impregnation, precise balancing, conveyorized assembly, enclosed painting lines, automatic testing facilities with all components bar coded for tracebility and consistent quality and low production time.
We also have an advanced testing facility for type testing motors which enable us to plot accurate speed torque curves and carry out temperature rise tests and other type tests as per IS/ IEC.
Our manufacturing plant covers a floor area of 1,20,000 sq ft and additional 20,000 sq feet for sales, production, quality, and engineering departments. The assembly lines are configured as lean flow lines to achieve a high throughput.


World Class Processes

Key processes like controlled magnetizing, waterproof encapsulation, trickle impregnation, brazing, resiglass banding, dual flyer winding, dynamic balancing and assembly using pneumatic fixtures enable us to build product reliability duringthe manufacturing stage itself.

Cellular Manufacturing

We have two manufacturing plants with a combined area of 15000 Sqmetres. Cellular manufacturing with the assurance of ISO 9001 certified quality systems ensures consistent quality, production flexibility and control of processvariability.All key processes are validated using process capability studies.

Lean Assembly lines

Our assembly lines are configured as continuous flow lines which result in minimum manufacturing time. Each motor is tested as per IS using an automatic sequential tester and only the motors with all parameters within the acceptance limits are released for further processes . We also carry out vibration and noise testing of every motor using a vibration signature analysis.


We have a well developed supply chain and dedicated vendors who are some of the best in India. Most of them are ISO 9001 certified and have established quality systems.
Yet we have an elaborate inward inspection system to check all critical parts including copper wires, laminations, unmachind rotors, gearbox housings, gears and machined parts. We also have gauging of all critical dimensions at the inward stage and also in process.
All our assembly lines are equipped with automated tests with data logging facility and fail proof GO-NO GO acceptance limits.